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Wing Tsun (empty hand system) and Newman Escrima (weapons system) are taught in Ireland by the instructors of the IEWTO. Classes are taught in a safe and friendly environment. The emphasis in both Wing Tsun and Newman Escrima is effective self-defense both for women and men. As a result of regular training students also improve fitness and confidence.

WingTsun is a dynamic martial art, suitable for both men and women; taught to FBI, SEK, Bodyguards, etc.
The IEWTO is part of the largest professional martial arts organisation in the world.
National Instructor for Wing Tsun
Dai-Sifu Rainer Tausend 7th PG WT
National representative for Newman Escrima

 2nd TG Newman Escrima
Representative in Ireland
Sifu Aidan Canavan 5th PG WT


For information about the European WingTsun Organisation, visit the homepage of the EWTO: www.WingTsunwelt.com